Remember, but Remember Everything

I have mixed feelings about Remembrance Day. Though the holiday commemorates all veterans, its date and its imagery belong to World War I. From what I’ve read on the topic, the Canadians fought in absolute hell. This deserves remembering. The part that gets obscured though that what our soldiers did in the mud of the Ypres salient was part of a meaningless imperial clusterfuck. 60 000 Canadians died for under the pretext that it was really really important to protect Belgian neutrality. In reality we were fighting because Imperial Germany was perceived as a threat to Britain’s hegemony and its colonial possessions.

Remember the sacrifice that our soldiers made, but remember that it was made for reasons that had nothing to do with the banalities of “freedom” or whatever. It was one imperial system against another and nothing else. The tragedy here was that we had to send so many to die for this nonsense.


2 responses to “Remember, but Remember Everything

  1. Have to agree with you on this post. Went to see the Passchendaele movie on Friday night and fortunately, it does not glorify war while making a solid case for the futility and stupidity of conflict. I half expected something else but was pleasantly surprised by the overall message. As in war films, there were some violent bits and once during a pitched battle scene, I had to turn from the screen. The message was clearly about the stupidity of war though. Might be worth seeing if its showing in your neck of the woods.

  2. I’ll be seeing it soon, as I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I heard about it last year.

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