The new federal cabinet – now with more Toronto-hatred!

While the Cons crowed about the new GTA content in the cabinet, I would like to point out how they chose a pair who have a great deal of contempt for the City of Toronto. First there’s Lisa Raitt who did her best to override the democratic wishes of Torontonians while she was the head of the Toronto Port Authority. Secondly there’s Peter Kent who accused those living in the 416 of not being capable of “rational thought” because they didn’t elect him. What a wanker.


2 responses to “The new federal cabinet – now with more Toronto-hatred!

  1. And you just called one elected public servant anti-democratic, and another a wanker. Where’s YOUR respect for democracy? What does that make YOU?

  2. Mr or Mrs Zoop,

    You do realize that someone who has behaved in an undemocratic fashion can still end up being democratically elected, don’t you? It doesn’t nullify their earlier actions. Halton wasn’t exactly ground zero for the Port Authority nonsense.

    As for Kent, he called people in my city irrational. Turnabout is fair play.

    I can criticize those who are democratically elected, that’s PART of democracy.

    You have made three failed critiques of my post, what does that make YOU?

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