Liveblogging the Election

To kick things off, here’s a shot of my high-tech media command centre:

Everything after this is in reverse chronological order. No results until all polls close.

11:20pm: Okay, still a Con minority, still the same MP in my riding. I’m going to bed, more reflection tomorrow.

11:19pm: Local news – Olivia Chow is still my MP.

11:15pm: Oh well, at least electoral reform is a popular topic on twitter.

11:07pm: I tried to give Dion the benefit of the doubt since he became Liberal leader, it becomes much harder after tonight.

11:02pm: Crackpot far-right-winger Peter Kent may take Susan Kadis’ seat, ugh.

10:58pm: The Cons looks like they’re going to be frozen out of Toronto proper. Good.

10:46pm: Conservative minority government according to CBC.

10:44pm: Thank goodness that the good people of Quebec had the sense too put the brakes on the Harper sweater-vest steamroller.

10:41pm: Looks like Garth Turner is out in Halton. But Gerrard Kennedy is in.

10:38pm: 140 seats for the Cons, a little close for comfort.

10:31pm: Fortier can’t win a seat! Hah! Back to the senate?

10:30pm: Credit to Dion – I’m impressed that the Liberals are strong in Quebec at all. Good job there, Stephane.

10:29pm: The story emerging is that the Cons lost it in Quebec, otherwise they’d have won it in Ontario.

10:26pm: Still think Dion’s job is in jeopardy.

10:25pm: Probably another Con minority – even Rick Anderson says so.

10:23pm: Rona Ambrose is headed back to Ottawa so she can continue to be useless.

10:21pm: In my riding, Trinity-Spadina, it looks like Olivia Chow is going to squeak through again.

10:14pm: The prospect of any Con seat inside the 416 (i.e.: Toronto proper) is disgusting. John Turner said the voters are never wrong. Bullshit. Con-voting Torontonians must have some kind of political equivalent of a death-wish. Get ready for everything to suck.

10:12pm: It looks like things are going to be uncomfortably close to a Con majority. Sigh…

10:09pm: Carolyn Bennett looks to be winning her riding. It’s nice to see that the people of St. Pauls were not intimidated by a few terrorist acts.

10:05pm: So is Dion going to resign or what? The Cons are appearing to make inroads in Ontario after telling the world it was the “last place” to invest.

10:03pm: Elizabeth May failed to knock off Peter MacKay and really has nothing to show for her party’s efforts in terms of seats.

10:00pm: All the polls are closed. CBC says Conservative government. Shit. Fingers crossed for a minority government.

9:53pm: Why do so many Green candidates look like bike couriers?

9:34pm: It’s weird having a picture of my computer on my computer.


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