The Threats to Toronto Liberals

I know that this is speculation, but it appears that the campaign of terror against Liberal supporters in St. Pauls and Parkdale-High Park is being done by the same group or individual that attacked Liberal supporters in Willowdale and Guelph. In Guelph these idiots mentioned the gun registry bill (C-68) and in Toronto they wrote that the mayor of Toronto lies. Given the mayor’s high-profile campaign against handguns it appears guns are again the issue.

Here we have someone engaging in criminal acts to apparently advance the agenda of “responsible” gun owners. The same gun owners who try to draw a distinction between themselves and criminals – as though no legitimate gun owner would ever commit a crime. Here we have someone who wants lax gun control and is clearly flirting with murder. How many legal gun owners are completely insane like this? Even if it’s only 5-10% it shows why we need gun control.

These acts of terror have only hardened my conviction that no one save police officers needs a handgun.


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