Harper’s Advice to Average Canadians

I think this sums it up:


2 responses to “Harper’s Advice to Average Canadians

  1. Do you really think so? I think it was a fair comment, given who the audience was. Surely you don’t think that the whole country is broke and without work? I’m personally not an out of touch leader and I made the same comment to a friend on the same day, unaware of the political controversy.

    Buy low, sell high. Don’t you want a leader who gets that?

  2. Oh sure, but in saying that as the PM in an interview with Peter Mansbridge shows he’s out of touch. People are worried, a lot of them don’t have the kind of money to play with the stock market.

    I think our leaders “get” how the stock market works. I know that Warren Buffett gets it. For those losing their jobs or homes though, this isn’t the time to jump into securities.

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