Dispatches from the Circular Firing Squad

I spend a great deal of time checking aggregators, and recently the headlines at Progressive Bloggers might cause you to believe that this is a two party race – between the Liberals and the NDP! Some of the more partisan Liberal bloggers have tried to depict the NDP as vaguely anti-Semitic no-hopers. While the NDP bloggers give as good as they get, repeating Harper’s attacks on Dion.

Of course if this keeps up, it diverts resources away from the real threat: Harper. I could live with the NDP or the Liberals in power. Put a gun to my head and ask who I think has the best chance, I’d say the Liberals. But the fact is, if the NDP has the better chance of stopping the Conservatives in any given riding, that’s who deserves any sensible progressive’s vote. Of course the hyper-partisans don’t care, for them it will of course be the other progressive party that screwed up the election. In the meantime Harper will have the majority he needs to blow money on military toys, mess up culture funding, and generally make this country suck.

Get your heads out of your asses people.


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