Word on the Street

I’m going to be heading to Word on the Street down on Queen St. in Toronto this weekend. According to Harper this will involve climbing over a host of limosines and past the caviar tent to see authors take a break from chilling on their private islands.

Actually the author I really want to see here is getting superb reviews but he’s still working retail to make ends meet.

Seriously Harper, tell us how artists become fabulously rich.


2 responses to “Word on the Street

  1. Seriously Harper, tell us how artists become fabulously rich.

    In his world view, it is perfectly acceptable that all our creative workers head south to the US.

    Ever notice that that censorship clause buried in Bill C-10 only applied to Canadian production film and tax credits? It did not apply to foreign service production tax credits.

    I think this is indicative of Harper’s desire to return Canada to a “branch plant” economy.

  2. From Peacekeepers to Ass-Kissers – thanks, Stephen Harper

    Stephen Harper does not deserve to be Canada’s Prime Minister.

    “Whether Canada ends up as one national government or two national governments or several national governments, or some other kind of arrangement is, quite frankly, secondary in my opinion…” Stephen Harper speech to the Colin Brown Memorial Dinner, National Citizens Coalition, 1994

    “I don’t know all the facts on Iraq, but I think we should work closely with the Americans.” – Stephen Harper, Report Newsmagazine, March 25 2002

    Stephen Harper has his head so far up George Bush’s back passage that George could get a gig as the two-headed freak at a traveling sideshow.

    These days, to get elected, you need only to appeal to America’s or, in our case, Canada’s largest voting block, stupid people.


    …the Conservative Party is a lot like a box of chocolates, you’re never sure where the nuts are, sadly, the Liberal Party has no nuts…

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