Let’s scare the hell out of Chris Reid

Here we go with another right-winger acting tough after the fact. Asshole Conservative Party candidate Reid is complaining that people didn’t want to fight a knife wielding maniac in a confined space. Apparently Reid thinks that this is due “effeminate” socialism. Insofar as socialism makes the individual subordinate to the group, I doubt that. If there’s a “me-first” ideology out there, it is unrestrained faith in free markets – a place where we’re all supposed to act out of rational self-interest. Rational self-interest says get off the damn bus.

Of course anyone who talks tough like this (Mark Steyn has done it too) is probably over-compenstaing for their own timidity and is therefore incredibly easy to frighten. I imagine just jumping out from around a corner wearing a Skeletor mask should cause Mr. Reid to release his bowels.


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