In Which Stephen Harper Panders to the Author

Most Conservative pitches aren’t meant for me – or at least that’s the feeling I’ve had since they ran in 2006. I am not waiting for an MRI or a knee replacement (thought if I was, Harper wouldn’t have helped it turns out), I do not have children that could score me a tax credit, I do not have any financial stake in the tar sands or the mining industry. Just this week Harper made the very first bit of a campaign pledge that feels like it targets me. What Harper is offering is a tax credit to cover closing costs for first-time home buyers. I hope to be one of those in the next couple of years.

I’m still not impressed. Why? Well, Harper is offering this little tax credit and yet he seems utterly disinterested in shoring up the future of the manufacturing economy in southern Ontario (or replacing it with another sort of industry). If people don’t have jobs, or fear that they may soon be out of a job, they just won’t bother buying homes. I suppose the Harper answer is to move to Calgary – but moving costs would wipe out the savings.

Thanks for nothing, Steve.


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