Sarah Palin: Pure Evil

I don’t know how else you describe a woman who apparently forced rape victims to pay for post-sexual assault medical exams (aka: rape kits). All her talk about being righteous or about cracking the glass ceiling for the women of America. Bullshit. (HT)


9 responses to “Sarah Palin: Pure Evil

  1. In criticizing politicians, or anyone for that matter, we should avoid using empty metaphysical adjectives such as ‘pure evil’. All it does is cloud political discourse with partisanship, and handcuffs us to our biases.

  2. Rape kits are more than just post-sexual assault medical exams. They are forensic in nature and are designed to gather evidence to support criminal prosecution.

    Imagine if every person who reported a break-in at their home were forced to pay for the police to show up, collect the evidence and write a report. And most people report break-ins because the police report is usually required in order to submit a household insurance claim for repairs and stolen goods.

    Was Palin’s strategy to discourage women from reporting sexual assault?

  3. Sorry Noam, I was furious when I saw the article and it was either that or calling her “fuckface” or something equally grotesque.

    I’m not sure what her “strategy” was, on some level I suspect she just didn’t care. Either that or it was the idea that rape victims “ask for it” – in any event it’s disgusting.

  4. I notice that you never updated your post when it became clear that you were wrong about this. Pretty disgusting that you continue to trade in rumors and innuendo, the move to WordPress didn’t change that.

  5. What new information? All I can find is competing claims about how much responsibility Palin bore for the town’s budget decisions. I don’t think that negates what was said in the article that I linked.

    Nice to hear from you, Darius 🙂

  6. Well, from what I’ve read is that the insurance companies were billed, not the alleged victims.

  7. At the very least, there is no evidence that Palin was the one who implemented any charging of victims (or their insurance companies) for rape kits. The responsibility is on YOU to show evidence that Palin is “evil” rather than on her to prove that she is not.

  8. How many people got raped in the state of alaska last year? 69

    See its not a big deal, but the state cannot afford it. The victim can.

  9. Palin is borderline retarded, and so is anyone who follows idiots like her. Palin’s church is 100% anti-science, denying that dinosaurs didn’t really exist over millions of years, and instead only existed a few thousand years ago. If that isn’t proof that religion can make someone insane then I don’t know what is.

    Hey Sarah, how come neither the Greeks nor Romans made any mention of these dinosaurs being around?

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