Oops, is that pandering?

Harper is once again trying to pick up votes from the Jewish community, of course he made his un-fixed election date on a day that makes it difficult for many Jews to vote. I think the election date demonstrates the cynicism of Harper’s pandering. Harper puffs out his chest and talks about how he won’t sign an abstract declaration about the actions of people thousands of kilometers away from here but if the practical concerns of Jews right here get in his way, he doesn’t care.


2 responses to “Oops, is that pandering?

  1. Clown Party of Canada

    I can see where you are coming from, yet,I guess you never heard of advance polls. This enables those who can not vote on election date to do so in advance. I see no problem here, noCanadian is denied their vote. It doesn’t mastter what date is chosen, not everybody will be pleased. [Especially those who have been begging for an election, bluff is called, party is buoke and not really ready for an election – too bad.] As long as vote is not denied and provision given so everybody has a chance to vote. I am booked on that date yet I still get to vote. No problem here …. just move on.

  2. I have heard of advance polls. They are a pain in the ass, never as close as the regular ones. So yeah, everyone is given a “chance” to vote, but not an equal one.

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