Feeling Powerless in Toronto

I really want to help stop Stephen Harper from being Prime Minister again, but when I look around my downtown Toronto neighbourhood I don’t see anywhere that he’s threatening to pick up seats that’s anywhere near where I live. Those of you in battleground ridings, you have a real opportunity – I envy that. All I have is this blog.

6 responses to “Feeling Powerless in Toronto

  1. According to CTV, Harper will be visiting Mississauga later today. I don’t think we’ll see him east of Etobicoke Creek, south of Steeles Avenue, and west of the Rouge River during the campaign. It’s as if the iron curtain has been moved from Berlin and now encircles Toronto. I’ll be voting based on which party deserves my $1.90 subsidy (or whatever the going rate is).

  2. Try being a life long Albertan….

  3. Yeah, I guess that must be frustrating. People in Quebec and some of Toronto’s outer suburbs are going to get all the attention this time around.

  4. And I’m in the only battleground in SK or AB where the Liberals could lose.

    I’ve contemplated trading my vote with a Liberal or NDP somewhere for a Green vote.

  5. Whoever stops the Green fraud gets my vote..

    or shows where the money really goes.

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