Buying Votes in Windsor (but not Oshawa)

Not too long ago I seem to recall that the Cons were dead against any money going to subsidize struggling industries. GM closed a plant in the finance minister’s riding and they shrugged. Meh. This is business, stuff happens, move to Alberta. But now that there’s an election, suddenly the Ford Motor Company is deserving of our tax dollars to reopen a plant.

Now whether subsidizing a domestic auto industry is a good thing or not is something that I’m sure you can debate, but I bet there are a bunch of soon-to-be-laid-off GM workers in Oshawa who get the feeling they were cheated because their plant ran into trouble too early for an election. Something to think about now that the cult of Harper ads are talking about how he’s principled and knows where he stands. Heh.


One response to “Buying Votes in Windsor (but not Oshawa)

  1. Kudos on your article!

    Politicians must believe the education system is broken because they definately treat us like we’re mentally lacking.

    Harper may have bought a total of 900 votes and that’s only if all the laid-off workers get back on the job.
    Most families of Windsor who are struggling in this city, don’t even work for one of the (formally known as) Big Three.
    politicians like to bring up the topic of “Spin-off” jobs which began disappearing (out of the city/country) first.
    Personally, I believe action should be taken against the newest employment trend.

    PART-TIME staff working full time hours at high school wages. Even worse, TEMP AGENCIES controlling employment opportunities and offering 89 day contracts.
    (they can’t let you get your ninety days in)

    How can honest hard working families build their lives and plan their future with no wage or job security?
    That’s my question.

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