The Vandals were Gun-Nuts?

Scott Tribe has a post with some pics that indicate that the vandals in Guelph were upset about gun control laws.

I don’t have much to say about this, Scott has it fairly well covered. What I will add is that this is something to remember the next time that some gun fanatic repeats that silly line about how an armed society is a polite society. The more I think about it, this attack is actually a great case for gun control. You hear the lines about “the vast majority” of lawful gun owners being good people. I’m sure they are, but it only takes a couple of them to be batshit insane to cause all kinds of trouble. This time they didn’t even need guns, just some side-cutters to get those brake lines.

Whoever these people are, they should lose their guns and spend some time in jail – cutting brake lines is tantamount to attempted murder. C-68 forever you idiots!


One response to “The Vandals were Gun-Nuts?

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