Stephen Harper – he’s a creepy leader

I’m sure many Canadians have now seen the Conservative ads talking about how Stephen Harper is nice. What makes me laugh every time is the terrible creepy smile he gives at the end of them. He looks like Willem Dafoe in Shadow of the Vampire, it’s terrible.


2 responses to “Stephen Harper – he’s a creepy leader

  1. Don’t make fun of his lips! They are very sensitive.

  2. Have you seen the video (I found it on Digg, I don’t remember if it is from Youtube or where) in which a student faints behind him, and he casually takes a swig of water and continues his speech unconcerned…

    Yeah, that’s what we need, four more years (assuming fixed election term of course….!) of that kind of attitude to other people…

    …possible borderline personality? Don’t know, but very scary…

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