Lightning Strikes Liberal Supporters Twice

I was disturbed the news from Guelph that Liberal supporters had their vehicles and homes vandalized. This is reminiscent of what happened in the Willowdale by-election where a number of cars (including one belonging to a family member of mine) were keyed and had their tires slashed. The parallels here are too remarkable to ignore and they are disturbing. In Guelph there was a repeat of the keying of “L” into the sides of vehicles. In both cases only Liberal supporters were attacked. When you consider that the two ridings are only an hour or two apart, it could certainly be the same bunch of people.

Of course this action was denounced firmly by all candidates in Guelph, just as it was in Willowdale. Nonetheless this coincidence is start to look less like a coincidence. A couple questions emerge, such as: why only Liberals? Perhaps more importantly, who is doing this? Is it a copycat who was “inspired” by the actions in Willowdale? Is it some sort of loner weirdo who has a vague paranoia-driven grievance with the Liberals? Has one of the other parties formed a clandestine “dirty tricks” squad?

I know the last one sounds paranoid, but I think it is something to consider. The apparatus for such a thing could run from somewhere deep inside another party – the local riding association would be completely believable when they condemn the vandalism – because they may not even know. So long as the vandals don’t get caught, such actions would surely cause people to think twice about expressing support for the Liberals. I say whatever I want on this blog but really, this makes me think twice about anything like a lawn sign. I suspect many others may feel the same way. In other words, if someone does have a dirty tricks squad, it’s working.


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