Sound Familiar?

The leader of the governing party decides it’s time to go to the polls. This leader is having a good run too, initially his political chops were treated with skepticism, but a series of successes have cause many to see a bright future for him in Canadian politics. While some might ponder the wisdom of a snap election without a pressing issue to take to the voters, the leader is smart enough to know that while the whiff of scandal has started to emanate from his government, and there have been a few policy snafus, it’s best to have the election now, because an economic downturn is coming.

I am of course referring to David Peterson’s snap election call in 1990. Peterson went into the race with poll numbers in the 50s and nonetheless went down to a horrible defeat at the hands of Bob Rae and the NDP. When looking at scenarios for a fall federal election, it might help to remember that voters can smell naked opportunism and when they do, it’s not unlikely that they will punish it.


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