Why an election?

Harper was quoted in the Star today as saying it was down to “fundamental differences” with the opposition. Other reasons that were considered as election pretexts appear to be bears shitting in the woods and the Pope being a Catholic.


4 responses to “Why an election?

  1. So, why do you think Harper really wants an election to happen? I mean, there’s no way the Conservatives are going to get a majority… what difference is it going to make?

  2. The conventional wisdom is that the economy is still getting worse and no one wants to campaign in a recession as the incumbent. His poll numbers haven’t gotten any better since 2006, but they could get worse – if that makes sense.

  3. So he’s hoping with an election now, that buys him 4 more years, hoping the economy will turn around by that time, so that next election they’ll (hopefully) be riding an improved economy?

    Is that the idea?

  4. That’s one of the theories floating around at least.

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