Police-State Fantino

Once again Julian Fantino is seen stretching his official role – in this case using warrantless wiretaps. There is of course his usual fan club cheering him on, yet his attitude remains disturbing. I get the impression that Fantino simply cannot conceive why there should be any restrictions on police power. This is probably his worst transgression since his quasi-endorsement of John Tory for mayor of Toronto in 2003. Fantino talks from time to time about entering the political realm – I for one would oppose his election to any office in this province.


4 responses to “Police-State Fantino

  1. Heh, Fantino was the police chief in London before he took over the Toronto Police Service. His highly public anti-gay campaign in London was despicable. We were happy to see the end of him.

    His time in Toronto was characterized by big news conferences, lots of charges of internal corruption and of course, that little incident with John Tory.

    I heard (and I believe) the only reason he got the top cop job was so that he could be prevented from running for political office. Sometimes you have to keep your enemies close, I suppose, but Fantino may very well become a liability for McGuinty.

    I regard it as only pure luck that the First Nations dispute last year didn’t erupt into a far more dramatic catastrophe with Fantino involved. I fully expected him to feed into the First Nations anger rather than trying to pacify the situation and I remember thinking at the time that this would be McGuinty’s Ipperwash with Fantino leading the charge.

    It’s high time we regarded the land claims issues with a firm focus on resolving the problems. The First Nations have waited over 100 years in many cases for resolution.

    And it’s high time, McGuinty found another job for Fantino.

  2. I for one would like to see a job for Fantino that involves biking around a downtown core in the summer in those spandex cop shorts. It would be hard to look at, but good to see.

  3. Tired of Fantino and his actions as Commissioner of the OPP, help us get him out by signing the petition above

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