Delaying the Inevitable

Here’s another bit of tiresome boilerplate on why we ought to support the Afghan mission indefinitely. Once again “the left” is accused of not caring about the Afghans. In the world of the mission’s supporters “care” = indefinite, unconditional support for Canadian military presence in the worst part of Afghanistan. Nothing I’ve read about Afghanistan makes me think that we can fix it in five, ten, or twenty years. Others have tried, lots of them. I’m sure that our troops are well-intentioned and I hope they’ve been well trained and well equipped, but in the end I wonder if this mission is akin to having them stand on the beach and tell the tide to go back. This is not Germany in 1946 or something. Until I see a great deal of evidence to the contrary, I reserve the right to be skeptical about this mission’s chances as it’s currently configured.


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