Is it time?

There have been a few occasion where myself and other bloggers have called for the toppling of the Conservative government, but few of these calls has been as forceful or coherent as Scott’s pair of posts on the matter (aided by JimBobby) in the last couple of days.

I think they’re onto something here, particularly with the prisoner transfer. A couple of ministries in Harper’s government have always been embarrassments. The reality though is that Harper could get away with that at, say, Environment because no one who really cared about the environment was voting for him anyway.

Now though, we see confusion and gross incompetence in one of the files that Harper seems to be really concerned about, the war. Steve’s ideas about Canada being “back” on the world stage (where did we go?), his desire to improve US relations, and his general yearning for a “tough” image were all bound up in the Afghan file.

And his people have messed it up, botched a cover-up, and generally made fools of themselves. How his communications people aren’t unemployed is beyond me.

Harper has now exposed a great deal of weakness on what was thought to be one of his most well-guarded flanks.


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