Self-Nullifying Views of Ezra Levant

Ezra Levant is a self-important, useless douchebag of a man who I would not hire to clean my toilet. According to Mike Brock this exercise of my free speech somehow imperils my free speech because free speech can do everything except criticize Ezra Levant:

“People can flagellate about Ezra Levant’s ego and his “grand standing” for the camera. But they do so, at great disservice to the point he has made, no matter why he chooses to make it.”

What? That’s swell, it’s the same logic that says that human rights commissions can clamp down on free speech. You are no better than that which you seek to criticize. I’m not working for your clampdown, Mike.

If Ezra’s meaningless insults deserve praise, so do mine. You must laud me.


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