More Stupidity From The Recording Industry

Now in the US the RIAA is saying that you can’t even make an MP3 from a CD that you legally own! This is insanity! Does the recording industry really really think that we should buy a CD and pay for a legal download of the same song for our own personal use.


I think it’s time to start calling out these characters because I suspect that none of them do these sorts of stupid things themselves. Let’s take Terry Corcoran for example, he’s clearly in favour of these kinds of stupid laws with no fair-use provisions. Does Terry Corcoran have any music on his computer that he ripped from legally purchased CDs? Does any member of his family have anything of this sort?

I highly doubt at this stage that there are very many computer users who have not backed up at least some of their music collection onto their hard drives. Pundits who support these draconian laws, politicians who enact them, lawyers who file suits based on them – I suspect that most of these people have intellectual property that somehow falls outside the extremely narrow provisions of the music industry.


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