I want the Mulroney Tax Plan

The Globe & Mail has an article this morning called “Mulroney’s six-year tax gap” about how the former PM didn’t find it necessary to report his $225 000 in cash from Schreiber for some six years. Mulroney apparently didn’t think it necessary to pay taxes on his Schreiber money until the latter was charged. Until then he had considered it as money for covering lobbying expenses, not income. What if Schreiber hadn’t been charged? Uhhh:

When asked when he would have paid the tax had Mr. Schreiber not been charged with fraud, tax evasion and bribery in relation to military deals and political contributions in Germany, Mr. Mulroney replied, “I don’t know the answer to that.”

So he did it because Schreiber was in trouble? Otherwise it was money for expenses? This strikes me as the action of a guilty conscience. If this was really money designed to cover expenses, there would have been no need to pay tax on it. But once Mulroney saw that Schreiber was in trouble, he got nervous. Or something. It doesn’t make sense and all of Mulroney’s righteous indignation cannot change that.


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