Flaherty Struggles to Understand Market Forces

Poor Jim Flaherty, he’s on a “crusade” to pass the savings from the high dollar on to consumers. Unfortunately manufacturers and retailers aren’t particularly interesting in passing along saving when they can stall, bullshit, and maximize shareholder profits by doing so.

It’s annoying that companies are doing this, and as a consumer it frustrates me, but I figure that the only thing that will really make a difference given how our economy is structured, is being persistent in ordering things from the US (along with lots of other Canadians) until Canadian retailers relent and lower prices.

In the meantime, Canadian retailers (and manufacturers, and distributors) will drag out any process that cuts prices for at least a few quarters in order to fill up their own coffers. Being that they allege to be such great fans of free markets, you’d think that the Conservatives would understand how this would work.


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