Deep Blue Something

Last week this was my speculation on what would become of the Ontario PCs should they lose the election and should John Tory lose his seat:

“Right now I’m wondering if the mentality of the PCs will be that a moderate (Tory) didn’t work nearly as well as a hardliner (Harris) and in light of that, they may go hunting for another deep blue type of leader.”

Well, it appears that at least Stephen Taylor is thinking along those lines – and almost gleefully:

“If there’s any hope that can come from the results of this election for conservatives, it is that PCs in Ontario will rebuild around offering Ontario clear and articulated conservative policies just in time for what may be a strong desire for change after four more years of McGuinty.”

One can only wonder what those “clear and articulated conservative policies” might be – perhaps some sort of private healthcare (a Frank Klees favourite) or a more radical education platform, maybe a flat tax – but if the Liberals are starting to look a little shopworn in 2011, they may be coming to a Queen’s Park near you.


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