MMP: Hope on the ground

I was out with a few friends last night and when the topic of the election came up (I swear that it wasn’t me who brought it up) those that were aware of the referendum question were very much in favour of MMP. It seems to be the case that once people are aware of the referendum as well as the two choices they come around to MMP. The problem though is getting that information out. I have not really bothered looking at the government information sent out, but apparently if you aren’t a politics junkie it seems obscure.

I still feel as though ignorance is the greatest threat to MMP, but with the election ever more appearing to be another Liberal win with the only question being whether Dalton gets a majority or a minority, more attention will shift to the referendum. The relatively uncompetitive of campaign of John Tory thus far may, in an odd way, work in the favour of MMP.


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