Mark Steyn needs to get out more

In latest Macleans, Steyn is on about how G.I. Joe is based in – shock! – Belgium. He goes on to generally decree the lack of patriotic soldier films (one imagines in the vein of The Green Berets). He goes on:

“When conservatives complain that the movies’ dreary biases are not even in the studios’ commercial interest, they correctly point out that the U.S. is pretty much a 50/50 red state/blue state split, and there’s a huge underserved market waiting for a picture in which Brian D. Johnson’s vigilante G.I. Joe born-again Christian crazy kicks Islamobutt from Ramadi to Jalalabad and back. But, back at corporate HQ, the vice-presidents look at the real market, and throw in all the bonus blue states — Canada, Europe, Asia…”

So Hollywood is nefariously responding to market forces. Uhhhhhh, isn’t that what conservatives keep telling the rest us to do? Moreover, has Steyn not seen Top Gun, Rambo, any Chuck Norris movies, The Patriot, Transformers, True Lies or any number of other movies that depict the US security establishment and/or a violent defence of American patriotism in a highly sympathetic light?


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