Barbara Amiel is a Horrible Person

As if you needed more proof. It seems that anyone wealthy person prosecuted by the US government is an object of her empathy and commiseration. This seems to include the reprehensible Michael Vick. From the mere fact that he’s being prosecuted US government she is able to extrapolate that maybe dogfighting isn’t so bad anyway. She’s not even sure if it should be outlawed as its simply an attack on the proletariat’s way to enjoy animal cruelty while the aristocracy might indulge in fox hunts unencumbered. Gee Barbara, I wonder what other solutions we might employ to restore class equality?

While Amiel asks how we can judge dogfighting, she doesn’t apply her moral relativism to all aspects of the law. What we can know is that RICO laws are objectively bad. I don’t know Barbara, maybe you don’t personally like federal attorneys or RICO laws, but who are you to judge if what they are doing is right?
Picture: She-Ra the Chi-Pom will fuck you up, Barbara Amiel!


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