Even Harrisites are Doubting Tory’s Faith-based Plan

According to the Star, former Harris-era education minister, Diane Cunningham is expressing concerns about Tory’s plan:

“He has kind of got himself into something. … He may go down on this but he will go down as a straight shooter,”

She continues:

“I am hearing more and more people say that religion should be taken right out of the school system,”

In other words, Tory is going in the opposite direction from that of the electorate. There is a fairly narrow band of people who would surely like to see faith-based school funding, but the fact that Tory wants to bring these schools under the auspices of public boards makes them suspicious. Tory took a major hit just by mentioning creationism, but beliefs like creationism (among many, many others you wouldn’t see in a public school) are the very reason why there are religious schools.

Tory is going to have to accept – even embrace – the reality that faith-based schools are going to be teaching, well, a faith-based curriculum. What this does not only to science class, but also to, say, history class is going to be significant. If Tory wins (a prospect that I’m so far not bullish on) you can bet the opposition will go through every faith-based curriculum in an attempt to embarrass the government.


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