The Stephen Harper Retirement Plan

Hey, are you a Tory ex-premier who’s been drubbed out of office by the electorate of your province. Don’t worry, Canada’s Newest. Guvmint. EVAR. has a deal for you! Our man Steve Harper will make you the ambassador of whatever country you want. Just look at Pat Binns who’s now off to Ireland! He will have an exciting time representing Harper’s, err… Canada’s interests in Ireland which include, ummm, ignoring Bono?

Seriously, yes I know that the predictable Conservative response would be to point out that the Liberals do it, blah blah blah. Whatever, I’m not a Liberal party apologist, the point to me is that Harper got up and said all this stuff about clean, accountable government. It just means that once again with patronage pretty much every party is the same.

Devin has more.


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