The Cult of Hillier

Well not quite, but it appears that senior staff in the Canadian Forces are unhappy about Gen. Ricky’s new “personality-driven” military. While no one in the report comes out and slams Hillier they do say that this sort of thing could become a liability. Maybe it already has, though the military would surely want to defer to Hillier – militaries being hierarchical and all that. Someone needs to put Hillier in his place, the man has to accept that the Canadian Forces serve the people of Canada and not the other way around. He ought not to whine and complain about budget cutbacks or what-have-you, it is the role of his civilian overseers to determine what the country can afford to spend on the military. His role may include requests, proposals, pleas, whatever; but when the government determines what money the military will get, his role is to shut up and take it.


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