What I learned at the G8 (about our leader)

Well, I didn’t actually go there, but wow, Harper comes off as a total bush-league politician (pun semi-intended). What a petulant, small-minded, anti-social man we have to lead our country. Ideological fellow-traveler Nicholas Sarkozy goes for a stroll with Harper and starts shaking hands with the public. Harper will do no such thing because some of the people in the crowds might be *gasp* media.

Now it’s not like Sarkozy is Mr. Warmth, he looks like a character actor who tends to play grim detectives – Law & Order Paris if you will, and yet Harper makes him look like Bill Clinton when it comes to working a crowd.

Harper played the petulant child part when the matter of carbon emissions came up. All of his posturing was essentially “We are different, Alberta Canada needs special treatment!” One doubts that he would similarly demand special treatment for Ontario’s manufacturing sector or the East Coast fisheries.

Now it comes out that he will not meet with Bono. Apparently this is in part because Bono has had the audacity in the past to meet with Liberal governments. Maybe they should send in The Edge instead?


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