Having solved all other problems, Canada’s Newest Government EVAR tackles garage sales

According to Buckdog Health Canada has released a warning to garage sale shoppers. It goes on long enough that it’s probably a good page in length if you bothered to print it out. All they are really saying is that stuff sold at garage sales might be old and/or broken and therefore dangerous. Maybe Harper should create a Minister of the Obvious to handle future issues like this.

In the meantime let me issue my own warning to garage sale shoppers: When you look back on your life will you really feel that your weekends were well spent taking up parking on residential streets and blocking traffic in order to look for “deals” on broken children’s toys, inexplicable grade 8 shop projects, and ill-fitting old clothing? Statistically speaking you will NOT be the one to find the hidden Paul Cezanne masterpiece for $5.


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