Really Poor Reasons to Stay in Afghanistan

Right-wing blog, Celestial Junk argues that we should be in Afghanistan because the soldiers like doing the work there.

Well, that’s good for the soldiers. No seriously, I mean it, it’s reassuring to know that we have a well-trained military that has recruited people who are well-suited to soldiering and that they are able to function under tough conditions.

As long as we live in a world that seems to require nation states and their attendant militaries, it’s nice to know that ours can do its job.

That does not stand as a reason though that we ought to be in Afghanistan. You see what Mr. Junk has done is contrast “soldiers” with “whining” Canadians. Soldiers don’t mind being in Afghanistan, but their work is threatened if the great bulk of this country wants to pull out.

Guess what, that is as it ought to be. We do not, despite Hillier’s fantasies, live in a military dictatorship. If the majority of Canadians take the “whining” position then it’s too bad for the military, we’ll bring ’em home. Civilian oversight, that’s how it works. Of course soldiers like to be in the field, that’s what they’ve been trained for, but the rest of us decide when they are needed to do that.

A final thought, I have read stories (can’t find a link) suggesting that the Canadian military really wanted to go to Iraq in 2003 too. Good thing we didn’t go along with that idea, eh?


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