More Dirty Wars

There’s a lot you can say to criticize the current government in Iran. Murdering journalists, arresting academics, executing homosexuals, giving a platform to Holocaust deniers, all of these are legitimate reasons to take a dim view of Iran’s leaders.

Just don’t call them nuts for wanting a nuke and more influence in Iraq’s affairs. Is there any other sane reaction when you read that the CIA is authorizing a series of actions designed to destabilize the country? Someone should force those that run the CIA to read a little of the agency’s own history. This is an organization that seems to pretty much feel it has the unilateral right to overthrow any government that it dislikes. In virtually every case, the results are a disaster.

The Iranians must have been anticipating this as the CIA did the same with Mossadeq in 1953. The CIA sucks at playing king maker, they should realize that.


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