How not to do Geopolitics

Every time I read that someone is trying to use the Bible as a basis for foreign policy decisions, I cringe. This has to be, on some level, a great exercise in laziness. Let’s not investigate the history of colonialism, let’s not bother with the whole Sunni-Shi’a thing, let’s overlook the economic interests in the region (read: oil), and finally, let’s avoid any attempt to understand things from several points of view. No. Instead let’s just read one chapter in the Bible and assume that it is not talking about the time in which it was written but rather that it is talking about this particular moment in history.

Whatever insights might be gleaned from studying the Bible, I can almost guarantee you that foreign policy guidelines are not among them. Dobson should actually go out and, you know, read some modern history, or Middle Eastern cultural studies, or, well, you get my point.


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