Tony Bows Out

…and I’m not talking about New Jersey’s favourite mobster either. A lot of progressive/left types are correctly chastising the man for his enabling of George W. Bush’s misadventure in Iraq. Having the UK on board for something like Operation Iraqi Freedumb lent a veneer of credibility to a poorly considered act of (depending on your level of cynicism) either insanity or criminality.

That said I think the man deserves credit for his shepherding of the Northern Ireland peace process. Even two years ago I thought it inconceivable that so staunch a loyalist as Ian Paisley would ever be part of anything like a unity government. As the grandson of a refugee from the Irish Civil War I am relieved that this conflict might be winding down.

It still doesn’t excuse being party to a new war, but Blair’s efforts for peace are part of his legacy.


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