Further Thoughts on Protesting

Since I seem to have caught the attention of at least a few of the parties involved in the Caledonia dispute, I feel like I should clarify a few things:

I’m absolutely in favour of protests. A free society should not make decorum its primary concern. Like I said in the original post, this issue must make everyone involved frustrated beyond belief, I would probably protest too.

While I’m in favour of protests, there needs to be focus and proportionality to them. Bringing a message to Queen’s Park may entail blocking off the traffic circle around the provincial parliament and even University Ave to the south. That makes sense, you are bringing your point to your audience.

I would even say that make a visible convoy down the QEW makes sense. It raises your profile. What I don’t see the point of is deliberately slowing traffic on that highway. It’s a sort of approach that irritates people in a way that I don’t believe wins them to your side. I don’t normally drive the QEW but I do have to commute to work. I can imagine that if I faced such a situation my response would be “get these people out of the way!” more than “let me investigate the underlying problems that have caused people to launch such a protest, if their cause is meritorious, I shall join myself to it.”

Punishing anyone on the highway (wage slaves rushing to jobs et cetera) is probably not a successful long-term strategy. There are more innovative, effective ways to drum up support, I assure you.


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