FLICK Rex Murphy

I really cannot believe that people are still on about this “Flick off” campaign that the government has launched to conserve electricity. Whatever taboo that the word “fuck” once held has greatly dissipated over the past decade. The Globe and Mail routinely quotes people saying “fuck” without bothering to asterisk any of the letters. (My goodness, what could they have meant by f***?) Recently, Mark Steyn wrote the following for Macleans:

“Fuck!” “Fuck!” “Jesus Christ!” “Fuck!” Fuck-fucketty-fucketty-fucking-fuck.

Seriously, look it up – even writers who drone on about our decadence and moral decay don’t bother to bleep it out anymore.

It seems everyone is okay with “fuck” in just about any context. Everyone that is, except Rex Murphy who used his CBC soapbox tonight to whine about it. Someone ought to buy Rex a FCUK t-shirt. Look, the way I see it, most of tune out government public awareness campaigns because they come off as so much sanctimonious nagging (come to think of it, Rex comes off that way too). Kudos to whoever had the idea to make this effort at least a little bit interesting.


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