Undemocratic reform of, err, democracy

I was reading about the electoral reform that has been proposed for Ontario and, well, it sounds pretty good. In riding like mine where it’s only ever been a two-way race (Liberal versus Conservative) it would be nice to know that casting a vote for another party isn’t the functional equivalent to spoiling your ballot. So this seemed like a sweet deal, at least it did until I got to this part:

“The referendum will have a high threshold in order to pass. It needs at least 60 per cent of the votes cast, along with at least 50 per cent of voters in a minimum of 64 individual provincial ridings. There are currently 103 ridings.”

I was vaguely aware that some “super-majority” was required for this stuff to pass, but this is just ridiculous. I bet I know how MMP opponents will cast the proposals too, they’ll say it’s too complicated and by virtue of its complexity it will somehow be disenfranchising. Admittedly, a cursory glance at what MMP looks like may render it confusing, but in practice all you do is vote for a candidate as well as party.


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