On the Income Trust folks

I’m not quite sure how I ought to feel about these people. I love it when they punk Conservative MPs in public – at least for the cheap thrills. I like that they seem to be able to bring out a well-organized and well-financed opposition against Canada’s Newest Government Ever. All this I like, and I understand their feeling of being lied to by Harper.

The thing is I really do feel that the income trust loophole had to be closed in one way or another. As long as we are running a capitalist economy, we should at least be doing it well – income trusts sapped money out of companies in a way that limited that. The real problem is probably that Harper made a promise that he reasonably should have known that he might have to rescind. So while I hope that this loud, organized group of investors is able to make a dent in Harper’s poll numbers I can’t really get behind their agenda.


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