Desperate hook-ups and the sad man with the dog

Well, he of the sad dog is probably staying put. I hope he’s not pouting for photo-ops today. Stephane Dion and Elizabeth May (it’s everywhere in the Canadian blogosphere, I’m too lazy to link to it) have forged a little alliance against MacKay but I doubt it will unseat him. (Go to the results and do the math yourself.)

I can’t help but feel as though the Dion-May thing was set up like a last-call one-night stand, all bets are off after the next election I suppose. That’s not to say that such an agreement couldn’t work – it just comes off as, I don’t know, a tad desperate for both of them. I doubt it will have the longevity of the Harper-MacKay shotgun wedding of a few years back (an up-and-comer married into a storied old family for some respectability – and connections), and I’m not sure what, if any, results it will produce for either party at the ballot box.

In extending all these relationship metaphors, the NDP is playing the part of the sanctimonious single type – disgusted by its skanky acquaintances but secretly really REALLY hurt that no one asked it to roll in the hay. Even if it would have totally said “no” such an offer.


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