I’m sorry – sorry that you’re so stupid

The apology that some social conservative groups made to the world for Canada has been commented on in the blogosphere. There are variety of things about this stunt that merit comment, there is one though that I would like to point out here. The apology includes the lines:

“Our government and courts only considered adult ‘rights’, failing to consider the “impact on children’s rights, children’s education, parental rights, religious rights, adoption, the economy and family law.”

It’s nice to know that these groups asked every single judge, member of parliament, and government lawyer what factors they considered when they decided what they were going to do on the matter of same-sex marriage. But hold on a second, what impact do these groups fear there will be on the economy?!

One imagines that if all these people are coming to Canada to get married then there ought be a substantial boost to our often-moribund tourism industry. As a group, gays and lesbians statistically have higher disposable incomes, these are tourists that are good for the economy. Please tell me what dire economic scenario would counteract this kind of benefit. How on earth is same-sex marriage bad for the economy?

I’m all for debate, I’m all for freedom conscience, you can hold whatever beliefs you want on this issue, but don’t pull stuff out of your ass to make an argument. Economy? Give me a break.


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