This was an internet meme a couple months ago. You had to put iTunes (or whatever) on random and write down the results as a sort of soundtrack for your life. Anyway, here’s what I had (but never got around to posting). As with all these sorts of things, some of them fit, others not so much.

  • Opening: Explosions in the Sky – First breath after a coma
  • Waking up: The Weakerthans – Uncorrected Proofs
  • First day of school: Panic! At the Disco – Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off
  • Falling in love: k-os – Fantastique
  • Fight song: Broken Social Scene – Stars and Sons
  • Break-up: Metric – Wet Blanket
  • Prom: New Order – Regret
  • Life is okay: Broken Social Scene – Almost Crimes
  • Mental breakdown: Manic Street Preachers – A Design for Life
  • Driving: Nine Inch Nails – Sin
  • Flashback: Arcade Fire – Rebellion (Lies)
  • Get back together: My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes
  • Wedding: M.I.A. – Amazon
  • Final Battle: Jimmy Eat World – If You Don’t, Don’t
  • Death Scene: U2 – Vertigo
  • Funeral: Tom Vek – The Lower the Sun
  • Credits: King Cobb Steelie – Mayday

Actually, only the Explosions in the Sky track really fits well. Go figure.


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